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Enlightened Education, not Dogma.

Gil Blair, currently the State Representative for Ohio District 63 recently appointed by a small party committee to replace Glenn Holmes, is only one of two Democrats in the entire state who, along with all Republicans, revealingly supported the undermining of science education in Ohio public schools as my 12/1/19 LTE of the Trib reveals (next column). That action alone qualifies him for removal from this office asap. But that's not all.

Blair's blatant break with House Democrats on this critical issue unanimously  supported by right-wing Republicans suggests he may also join them in their vicious assault upon a woman's constitutional right to choose an abortion. Ohio has become a testing ground by repressive fanatics across the country for outrageously extreme anti-abortion legislation, including House Bill 413 which would charge physicians with murder it they do not treat ectopic pregnancy with uterine implantation. Other such bills before the Ohio legislature undermining women's rights and health include HB 182, HB 90, SB 155, SB 208 and the recently passed statewide ban on abortion six weeks after conception (SB 23). Lange, by sharp contrast, will passionately defend a woman's constitutional and moral right to choose an abortion. No woman anywhere should ever have to suffer a forced pregnancy or unsafe abortion.

Real Progressive Democrats,
not DINOs (Democrats In Name Only)!


Ohio legislation is a victory for ignorance

Trumbull County has the dubious distinction of harboring the only Democratic state representatives, Micheal O'Brien and Gil Blair, who recently joined all Republicans in shamelessly supporting legislation deceptively called "The Student Religious Liberty Act." In effect, it grants pedagogical liberty to outright ignorance in the guise of religious belief within Ohio public schools.

Among many other disturbing things promoted here by a neanderthal outfit called Project Blitz, this profoundly anti-science bill says teachers "shall not penalize or reward a student based on the religious content of a student's work."

That not only violates separation of church and state, but also negates separation of fact from fiction and allows, for example, such church-imposed but science-debunked beliefs as geocentrism of the Dark Ages to be on an equal footing with heliocentrism in Ohio classrooms. This legislative push against the liberating legacy of the enlightenment and reactionary retreat from reason richly deserves firm rejection by all who value true education.

A very wise American educator, W.E.B. DuBois, once predicted that "either the United States will destroy ignorance, or ignorance will destroy the United States." Supporters of this anti-science legislation in Ohio just helped score another victory for ignorance.


Newton Falls

Public Servant for Economic Justice

In the 9 weeks leading up to the last Cruze, Lange held a daily vigil outside the GM Lordstown plant protesting its designed closure by corporate greed and cruelty driven by union-busting and family-busting. He also joined UAW members on the picket line during the subsequent 6-week national strike. While these collective  actions failed to save "the finest car plant in the world", they did effectively continue the proud legacy of demands for economic justice by the finest autoworkers in the world. 

Labor Omnia Vincit.


Public Servant for Environmental Justice

The climate emergency imposed upon us all is an existential crisis. We-and all we love- are at grave risk by this colossal threat wrought by criminal corporate behavior and gross neglect at all levels of government. Business as usual is not an option, but Extinction Rebellion is; so is Rise for Climate, like this protest organized by Lange in September. As stated in the Ohio Call to Rise for Climate: 

We protest and rise for climate because this is an emergency. We protest and rise for climate because the time to do everything possible is now, and not next year, next decade, next administration. We protest and rise for climate because together we are strong enough to move us out of this age of destruction...We protest and rise for climate because growing roots and rights for just communities is the wave of the future and will become the law of the land in Ohio and beyond, but only if do-nothing legislators are removed from the Ohio State House.