Werner the Berner in Action

The valiant effort to save GM Lordstown was not in vain. Our heads are bloody, but remain unbowed to corporate greed and cruelty of union/family-busting.

The struggle to save our Newton Falls Community Center, a former USO site, continues; Lange has been and remains an active participant in that battle.

Save Our Trees


Lange was the key litigant challenging the NF BOE's actions which Trumbull County Judge Rice found "to be a complete waste of taxpayer resources".

The slaughter of innocents in schools and elsewhere must end. Lange organized this event in 2018.

Despite the compelling evidence and protests, the GOP (Greed Over Party) forced this supreme shame on us.

"out of many, one" is our national motto and diversity is our strength; hate is not a family value.

The revolutionary Spirit of '76 celebrated publicly by Lange in Niles and elsewhere. Our Revolution embraces and expresses that spirit today.

On the picket line with striking machinists at Gradall Industries in New Philadelphia in 2018 fighting for workplace justice.

Taking part in Women's March, Jan. 18, in Canton

The First Ladies National Historic Site is located in Canton and Lange shared a prophetic message there.

Celebrating American Labor

This photo, taken on February 18, features Lange with LaToya Frazier, producer of The Last Cruze exhibit; Julia Reichert, co-director of American Factory which won the  2020 Academy Award for Best Documentary; Senator Sherrod Brown; Dave Green, former President of UAW 1112 and several other UAW 1112 members. It was taken after a very insightful presentation by Frazier and Reichert with moderator Senator Brown at The Ohio State University.